A. J. W. Hilton

Emeritus Professor (Reading)
Professorial Research Fellow (Queen Mary)


Department of Mathematics
The University of Reading
Whiteknights, PO Box 220
Reading RG6 6AX
England, UK

Email: A.J.W.Hilton@rdg.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)118 9318989
Fax: +44 (0)118 9313423

School of Mathematical Sciences
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
London E1 4NS

Email: a.hilton@qmul.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 7045

Curriculum Vitae (.pdf) (.doc)

Winner of the 1998 Euler medal of the Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications

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Recent Publications and Preprints

  1. "On the chromatic index of graphs whose core has maximum degree two." (with David Cariolaro)
  2. "A graph-theoretical generalisation of Berge's analogue of the Erdos-Ko-Rado theorem." (with C.L. Spencer), Trends in Graph Theory, Birkhauser Verlag, Basel, Switzerland, 2006, pp 225-242.
  3. "Cycle decompositions of the complete graph." (with Matthew Johnson), Ars Combinatoria (to appear).
  4. "Semiregular Factorizations of Simple Graphs." (with Jerzy Wojciechowski), AKCE Int. J. Graphs Comb. 2 (2005), no. 1, 57-62.
  5. "On the number of (r, r+1)-factors in an (r, r+1)-factorization of a simple graph."
  6. "The k-fold Hall number of cycles."
  7. "List Multicolourings of Graphs with Measurable Sets." (with P.D.Johnson,Jr.), Journal of Graph Theory (to appear).
  8. "(r,r+1)-factorizations of (d,d+1)-graphs.", Discrete Math. (to appear).
  9. "The domination number of cubic Hamiltonian graphs." (with M.Cropper, D.Greenwell and A.Kostochka), AKCE Int. J. Graphs Comb. 2 (2005), no. 2, 137-144.
  10. "An application of Tutte's theorem to 1-factorization of regular graphs of high degree." (with David Cariolaro), Discrete Math. (to appear).
  11. "Degree bounded factorizations of bipartite graphs and of pseudographs."
  12. "A generalization of Talbot's theorem about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table." (with Claire Spencer)
  13. "The k-fold list colouring of cycles with Hall's condition." (with M.M.Cropper, P.D.Johnson,Jr. and J.Lehel)

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PhD Students


Stuart Allen Senior Lecturer Cardiff www email
Lars Andersen Vice Dean/Professor Aalborg wwwemail
H. Buchanan email
David Cariolaro Research Fellow Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taiwan www email
Amanda Chetwynd Pro-Vice-Chancellor Lancaster www email
C.S. Edwards Lecturer (retd.) Birmingham email
M. Ferencak Associate Professor and Chair Pittsburgh www email
Matthew Henderson Assistant Professor Western Kentucky ! --------- Homepage email
Matthew Johnson Lecturer Durham www email
Chris Rodger Professor Auburn www email
Irene Sciriha Lecturer Malta email
Claire Spencer Reading email
S.H. Scott Principal Lecturer (retd.) Hatfield
Cheng Zhao Professor Indiana State email


John Gauci email

Mathematical Ancestry

Mathematically speaking I am the son of David Daykin, the grandson of Richard Rado and the great-grandson of both Issai Schur and G. H. Hardy.


  1. Combinatorics at Reading
  2. British Combinatorial Conference 2007

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