Pat Parslow is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at Reading University.

He has a mixed background, including working as a civil engineer, a land surveyor and as a teaching assistant in primary schools, as well as a varied mix of roles in the software and IT industries.

He worked as an IT support analyst, Help Desk manager and IT analyst, as well as being a trainer, system’s architect and analyst/programmer.

He developed new ways of conducting land drainage surveys, using a rigorous mathematical analysis of errors of measurement to develop a software suite which enabled the field work to be done in 1/3 of the time previous techniques used.

As a IT support help desk manager, he introduced feedback to promote the skills of the client staff, and build a database of common problems with their solutions, reducing help desk calls by 2/3rds.

In the days of Windows 3.11, he developed a multi-user, field level locking database with individual user schema and transaction support, with a graphical interface runnning under DOS. He developed a time-slicing (“multi-tasking”) field logger and personal information management system which could compute survey traverse and levelling information in the background whilst running other tasks, on top of CP/M.

He was awarded the Excellence in Science Teaching prize in 2016.

He has a broad range of research interests, teaches on a number of modules and some additional administrative duties.