W.S. Harwin

March 2016

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Living systems

Norbert Weiner's test of living systems:

Why do we need Brains?


SMPA vs Behaviour

  • Sense Model Plan Act (SMPA)

  • Behaviour programming

Braitenberg vehicles: a lesson from physiology

Braitenberg vehicle, Aggressive light seeker (left), Shy light seeker (right)
Excitory and inhibitory synapse. Excitory synapse is on a motor neuron axon, the inhibitory synapse is on a sensory neuron


Cognitive robotics

One of Darwin's brains

Darwin VII.

R Retinal area
VAP Primary visual area
VAPB Blobs
VAPH Horizontal lines
VAPV Vertical lines
LCoch/ RCochLeft and right Cochlear
A1 Primary audio area
IT Inferotemporal cortex (secondary visual area)
S value system
Mapp Appetitive motor area
Mave Aversive motor area
TappA Appetitive taste (strongly conductive blocks)
Tave Aversive taste (weakly conductive blocks)
C `colliculus' - allows visual tracking
R1 R2 R3 Reflex response

Internal models of Lipsen and Bongard