William Harwin

School of Biological Sciences (Biomedical Engineering)

University of Reading

William Harwin is the professor of interactive and human robotics at the University of Reading. His research interest are in robotics (in particular rehabilitation robotics), haptics and understanding human movement.

Research includes medical and rehabilitation robots, and neuro-muscular modelling, robots for stroke rehabilitation, haptic interfaces with multi touch and with large range of movements at high speeds, robot dynamics, control and cognition. Currently pursuing research in

  • Stability of haptic interfaces
  • High performance haptics and haptic actuators (in particular demagnetisation and thermal limitations)
  • Multifinger haptics
  • Haptic systems for education and skills training
  • Wearable sensing and haptics
  • Reconstruction of movement from IMU data
  • Acquisition and analysis of movement from sensors embedded in clothing
  • Upper limb exoskeleton kinematics, and design
  • Machine mediated neurorehabilitation (stroke/TIA and traumatic brain injury)
  • Understanding the role of the cortex in visually guided reach and grasp (including Fitts Law, rapid predictable object lifts)
  • Mechanical impedance and rapid robotic grasps
  • Biomechanics of cell structures

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Contact Details

Room SSE 160
Tel: +44(0)118 378 6792
Biomedical Engineering, University of Reading,
Pepper lane entrance, PO Box 225, Whiteknights, Reading RG6 6AX

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