EU project CIG PCIG14-GA-2013-631233

How collective or macroscopic behaviour emerges from the laws of the microscopic constituents is of major importance in many areas of theoretical sciences (physics, physical chemistry, chemical engineering, materials and biological science). Under equilibrium conditions, statistical mechanics has not only solved this issue in principle, but has also led to the development of Monte-Carlo simulation methods that provide powerful tools to efficiently calculate quantities of interest numerically. The vast majority of systems we are dealing with, however, are not in thermodynamic equilibrium. The overall aim of the proposed work is to further develop a systematic and thermodynamically consistent method to derive macroscopic constitutive equations starting from the underlying microscopic dynamics. In this project, we want to put forward a promising new approach in this area that is systematic and thermodynamically consistent. The method will be illustrated for the case of polymeric and anisotropic fluids, where starting from molecular models we will consistently derive the corresponding macroscopic equations.


Anoop Varghese, Univ. Reading
Patrick Ilg, Univ. Reading

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This project is supported by the EU Career Integration grant PCIG14-GA-2013-631233.