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  Invited talks

  • "From Single Cell to Multicell and Beyond: The example of cholesterol regulation", 10th Annual Next Generation Sequencing and Clinical Diagnostics Congress & 6th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress, London, November 2018.

  • "The role of mathematical modelling in informing single cell studies", 9th Annual Next Generation Sequencing and Clinical Diagnostics Congress & 5th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress, London, November 2017.

  • "UK Mathematics in Medicine Study Groups" presentation and chair of a half day presentation at the 1st International Workshop on the Role and Impact of Mathematics in Medicine, Henri Poincare Institute, Paris, June 2010.

  • "Contact dermatitis: novel approaches to modelling the allergic response to metals", Occupational and Environmental Exposure of the Skin to Chemicals, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 2009.

  • Mathematical Biosciences Institute Workshop, Ohio State University, USA, October 2008.

  • "Using Mathematical Modelling to Inform Single Cell Studies", Single Cell Webinar, September 2018 as prelude to 10th Annual Next Generation Sequencing and Clinical Diagnostics Congress & 6th Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress, London, November 2018.

Conference & Departmental
  • "Multiple approaches to model reduction", UK Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Network Satellite meeting on Model Reduction, University of Oxford, June 2017.

  • "Understanding cholesterol synthesis and regulation through mathematical modelling", Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Bath, UK, November 2016.

  • "Understanding the role of miRNAs in cell signalling networks", GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage, UK, November 2016.

  • "Ongoing journeys in the mathematical modelling of bacterial chemotaxis and lipoprotein and cholesterol metabolism", Modelling Metabolic Health, University of Cambridge, UK, October 2015.

  • "Modelling across scales in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology", Innovative Modelling for Pharmacological Advances through Collaborative Training (IMPACT) Marie Curie Training Network, University of Warwick, September 2015.

  • "The Mathematics of Bacterial Chemotaxis", BioSystems Seminar, University of Surrey, UK. May 2015.

  • "A UK Network for Systems Pharmacology", European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK. October 2014.

  • "The mathematics of bacterial chemotaxis", Biomathematics group, Imperial College London, UK. June 2014.

  • "Understanding lipoprotein and cholesterol regulation - from in vitro to in vivo", Edinburgh Systems Biology Centre, UK. December 2013.

  • "Intracellular signalling cascades and understanding the cellular response ? A mathematical approach", School of Mathematics, University of East Anglia, UK. April 2013.

  • "Intracellular signalling cascades and understanding the cellular response ? A mathematical approach", Mathematical Sciences, University of Southampton, UK. March 2013.

  • "An introduction to Systems Biology modelling", Syngenta (Jealot?s Hill Research Centre, Berkshire, UK). November 2012.

  • "Mathematical modelling of lipoprotein metabolism", School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, October 2012.

  • "Genetic regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis", 5th Birthday Meeting, Oxford Centre for Integrative Systems Biology, University of Oxford, June, 2012.

  • "Teaching modelling using simulations tools: Examples using Copasi and Matlab", BioMaths Challenges Workshop, Nuffield Foundation, June, 2012.

  • "Understanding cholesterol regulation: An evolving story", School of Mathematics, University of Leeds, May, 2012.

  • "Mathematical Modelling of Bacterial Chemotaxis", International Symposium on Symbolic Systems Biology, Shonan Village Centre, Japan, November 2011.

  • "An asymptotic comparison of two models of fat metabolism" Department of Mathematics, University of Surrey, May 2010.

  • "An asymptotic comparison of two models of lipoprotein metabolism", British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, April 2010.

  • "Mathematical modelling of lipoprotein metabolism" MRC Harwell, February 2010.

  • "Data challenges in systems modelling", CASIMIR EU workshop, University of Cambridge, December 2009.

  • "Modelling intracellular signalling in bacterial chemotaxis", School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, October 2009.

  • "Intracellular signalling in bacterial chemotaxis", BBSRC Systems Biology event, University of Warwick, September 2009.

  • "Protein regulation in bacteria: Mathematical Modelling of intracellular signalling in Rhodobacter sphaeroides", Institute of Animal Health, April 2009.

  • "Rhodobacter sphaeroides: From small to large networks and back again" (with J.P. Armitage, G. Wadhams and B. Hall), BBSRC Systems Biology Centre Meeting, Nottingham, December 2008.

  • "Systems Biology and the Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group", RMPMI group meeting, University of Reading, December 2008.

  • "Intracellular signalling in bacterial chemotaxis: Reaction diffusion and fractional reaction diffusion equations", Mathematics Colloquium, University of Reading, November 2008.

  • "Mathematical modelling in the life sciences", GarNET/Society of Experimental biology, Nottingham, September 2008.

  • "The role of mathematical modelling in biology", Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, Canterbury, UK, April 2006.

  • "Interesting problems in mathematical medicine and biology", Unilever Corporate Research, Colworth, Bedfordshire, August 2005.

  • "The mathematical modelling of tumour growth, Department of Mathematics and Computing, Technical University Eindhoven", Netherlands, June 2005.

  • "The formation of necrotic regions in avascular tumours: apoptosis versus necrosis", Complex Seminar, University College London, December 2004.

  • "Mathematical modelling in biology and medicine, Royal Surrey Country Hospital", November 2004.

  • "Using mathematical models to understand problems in biology and medicine", Modelling in protein networks training workshop, Liverpool, 19-23rrd April 2004.

  • "Cell movement and cell cycle dynamics in solid state tumours", Department of Mathematics Seminar, University of Dundee, Scotland, 2nd December 2003.

  • "Non-linear Hyperbolic Equations and Tumour Dynamics", University of Reading, February 2001.

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