Dec 21st, 2003

Installed Xmas version of main page, with new background and new banner images. Restored old page by Jan 5th 2004, and realised that the banners could and should be moved out of page code and into CSS. It'll be a lot easier to reimage once I've got rid of those floating braces.

Jun 29th, 2003

Learned how to separate journal from index page by making it a Server Side Include. Did the same with "Reading" and "Listening" on the same page, and will shortly do the same with the Compliance footers on the content pages.

Jun 26th, 2003

Revised stylesheets so background of title bars was inherited in the correct order.

Dec 9th, 2002

Introduced, with Aquarion's help, a new structure for the menu/title bars on the content pages, which is consistent under all compliant browsers (the old structure worked fine on IE5 but not, to my surprise, IE6 or more fully compliant browsers like Mozilla), and while it still breaks NS4 it lacks absolute positioning and therefore doesn't break it nearly so badly.

Realised a short while ago that my stylesheets weren't cascading properly because I'd named them all. Removed names, thereby making them persistent.

Nov 17th, 2002

Added the Netscape 4 kludge to most of the content pages. Removed stylesheet positioning for the images on Drums page, again for benefit of NS4. Tried the same for the banner on the index page, but that borked it for sensible browsers, so I left it as it was.

Finally created a revamped Bands page, with the new format and rewritten content.

Nov 7th, 2002

Having looked at the index page under NS4 and screamed a lot, I've learned from Aquarion how to implement a separate stylesheet for NS4. Index banner still looks stuffed, but at least the right menu isn't making the left one inaccessible by sitting in front of it.

Have found that, while the reduced font size looks good at 1024x768, it's a bit too small under 1280x1024. Damn.

Oct 11th, 2002

Reduced the font size on the index page, so as to make the "blogger" less unwieldy. Noticed the link in the text on afp.htm was still pointing to the old photos page, not the two new ones. Fixed.

Oct 9th, 2002

Added the Friends and Resources pages. Both somewhat sparse as yet, but that'll change.

Oct 8th, 2002

Reformatted my Red Dwarf fanfic, and the For Emily page, the latter in black with red trim.

Oct 4th, 2002

Reformatted Drums page, and About Me page, including a new version of the Reading map, scaled down to 80%.

Added a Credits page.

Finally got around to adding a revision history page, and put in some approximate dates. :-)

Oct 3rd, 2002

Figured out why the title boxes haven't been behaving as expected. Found they worked fine on pages using Div.content-wide, but not with Div.content-left. The former set its left and right limits with internal padding, but the latter, much narrower, was setting it via the external margin. For some reason - presumably a "quirk" of IE - this also affected the margin of the Div above it, namely the title bar. Changed this to padding, and everything works again.

Oct 1st, 2002

Updated AFP pages. Separated my photos onto two separate pages; one for meets and one for events, ie. Cons and CCDEs.

Somehow managed to break the title-box fix. Don't know how I managed that.

Sep 30th, 2002

Modified index page so that the central photo referenced in the banner now points to a symbolic link. The link is changed by a Unix cron job, therefore people visiting my page during the hours of darkness get the "evil Adrian in shades" pic rather than the more genteel one which appears during the day.

Sep 29th, 2002

Added a content-free right-floated div to title box. This seems to have solved the problem. Wish it felt less like a kludge though.

Sep 28th, 2002

Removed all colour references from content.css and put them in a separate stylesheet called chalk.css. Henceforth I can redefine new colour schemes by making new colour stylesheets, while leaving the basic content stylesheet untouched.

Sep 27th, 2002

Cannibalised my old links pages and put much of their content into tv.htm, music.htm, and online.htm. Generated a new stylesheet, content.css, which will cover the bulk of my new pages. Couldn't figure out a way to make the title box stretch to the right of the page regardless of content.

Sep 23rd, 2002

New index page went live. Somewhat prematurely, but Aq had voluntarily changed his own colour scheme so as not to resemble mine too closely, and I didn't want his courtesy to go to waste. :-)

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