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Prof Richard Mitchell's Screencasts

On this page are some screencasts (MP4 videos) I have made illustrating aspects of my teaching. These generally show my HTML5 pages in action.

Enjoy - and any feedback appreciated

Using my HTML5 web page to model simple electronic circuits CircuitsFinal.mp4
See what happens when a sinusoid signal is input to various electronic systems sinandcircuits.mp4
Modelling Sinusoids and Systems by Numbers with Angles .... sincircleFinal.mp4
Modelling RC circuits, Motors and Feedback Controlled Motors by Block Diagram and Forward/1-Loop(s) dynamicslatest.mp4
Step Response of First Order Systems, by modelling the differential equation firstorderstep.mp4
Modelling First Order Systems using Laplace variable s firstorderlaplace.mp4
Deriving theoretical response by differential equation and easier transfer function approaches solvingfirstordersystems.mp4
Bode Diagram Frequency Response of First and Second Order Systems freqresp.mp4
Defining behaviour of Braitenberg Robot braitfinal.mp4

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