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Click here for a list of my Research publications, as listed on Centaur and here to download selected papers and presentations

Neural Networks and Learning Systems
This work involves the application of various forms of neural network, including Weightless Networks, Hopfield metworks and Multi Layer Perceptrons. Application areas include real time pattern recognition and small mobile robots - the infamous seven dwarves. Versions of some papers on robots are given in the 'selected' page. One application: the use of agent and cellular neural network techniques for an object detecting retina, won the Norbert Wiener Award for best paper in the 2000 volume of Kybernetes.

Data Mining and Clustering
During a year long sabbatical at National Grid, I developed a novel clustering algorithm, in which the Mean Tracking algorithm acts as a preprocessor to the K-means algorithm. Clusters so generated were also used for forecasting various data, by forming linear models on each cluster. I am grateful to National Grid for supporting the sabbatical

Control Systems Analysis and Simulation
My PhD concerned a multiple microprocessor system to control processes with pure time delay. I maintain an interest in control, and recently have been improving on Bode's method of obtaining the 'maximum available feedback' in a system. I also have and interest in using Object oriented programming in C++ or Borland's O-O Pascal for simulation purposes: I also use MATLAB for such analysis.

More recently I have undertaken much work in the area of Teaching and Learning. Some of this arises from the Begin Robotics MOOC, some from the use of tools to help learning, including MATLAB GUIs and more recently Interactive web pages. I have written various articles about Teaching and Learning for the T&L Exchange.