Additional notes for Mechatronics W.S. Harwin


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Some suggested books

  • "Mechanics Data Book" Cambridge University Engineering Department (2002) -
  • "Materials Data Book" Cambridge University Engineering Department (2003) -
  • C.E. Maloney and N.G. Kingsbury and M.D. Macleod "Electrical and Information Data Book" Cambridge University Engineering Department (1995) -
  • Ghausi, M.S. "Principles and design of linear active circuits" McGraw-Hill (1965) - Two-port Theory. No longer held by U.Reading Library
  • Sabri Cetinkunt "Mechatronics" John Wiley and Sons , isbn 978-0-417-47987-1 or 0-471-47987-X (2007) - recommended
  • Robert H. Bishop "The Mechatronics Handbook" CRC Press , isbn 0-8493-0066-5 (2002) - background
  • W. Bolton "Mechatronics: Electronic control systems in mechanical and electrical engineering" Second edition Longman (1999) - recommended (UR Call 629.89-BOL)
  • R.M. Parkin "What is this thing called mechatronics?" Loughborough University of Technology (1994) - background (UR Call FOLIO--670.18-PAR)
  • D.A. Bradley and D. Dawson and N.C. Burd and A.J. Loader "Mechatronics: Electronics in products and processes" Chapman and Hall , isbn 0 412 58290 2 (1991) - Good general coverage of Mechatronics (recommended) (UR Call 670.18-MEC)
  • Lawrence J. Kamm "Understanding electro-mechanical engineering: An introduction to mechatronics" IEEE press , isbn 0-7803-1031-4 (1996) - recommended
  • Leon O. Chua and Charles A. Desoer and Ernest S. Kuh "Linear and nonlinear circuits" McGraw-Hill (1987) - Has a good chapter on two port networks (UR Call 621.31921-CHU)
  • Denny K. Miu "Mechatronics: Electromechanics and Contromechanics" Springer-Verlag (1993)
  • Newton C. Braga "Mechatronics for the Evil Genius" McGraw-Hill , isbn (2005) - A great title, and some interesting hobbiest projects, but not included in the general corpus of this course (background)
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    Doonesbury on thevenin nortin equivalents

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    Electric motor Electric motor Maxwell's Homopolar Motor (Shadow Arm) Laser data from Grand Challenge R2D2 Laser tag/Dance Jedireviewer part1 Jedireviewer part2

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