Philip Maybank

PhD Student in Statistics with Richard Everitt in collaboration with Ingo Bojak
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Reading
Room 202, JJT Building

This is my academic web page, containing a summary of the various things I did before my PhD, and information on my current research in Statistical Modelling and Monte Carlo methods.

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I am currently looking at statistical inference for stochastic dynamical systems models with unknown parameters. I am focusing mechanistic models of brain activity that describe the interaction between excitatory and inhibitory neurons in the cortex, for example, the Wilson-Cowan network oscillator, and the Liley model for the effect of anaesthesia. The aims of my research are to develop computationally efficient MCMC methods for parameter estimation in such models, particularly in the case where extra-cortical input is a stochastic process. And, I also aim to use these models to make inferences from EEG recordings, e.g. inferring depth of anaesthesia.

I have also looked at at multivariate statistical models that contain an intractable normalisation term, such as Markov random fields and exponential random graphs. The aims of my research are, (i) developing computationally efficient MCMC methods for parameter estimation in such models, (ii) exploring whether these models are useful for inferring brain connectivity from brain imaging data.

Publications (from before PhD)

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  • Warwick Algorithms & Computationally Intensive Inference Seminar, December 2016
  • Oxford Computational Statistics & Machine Learning Group, November 2015
  • Reading-Warwick Data Assimilation Day, June 2015

    Conferences / Summer Schools / Workshops

  • Neuroinformatics 2016, Reading, UK
  • ISBA World Meeting, June 2016, Italy
  • ABC in Helsinki, May 2016, Finland / Sweden
  • New Perspectives in MCMC (included presentation), June 2015, Valladolid, Spain
  • SuSTaIn i-like workshop on 'Intractable Likelihoods', May 2015, Bristol, UK

    Experience and Education

  • Operational Research Analyst (Civil Service Fast Stream), HM Revenue & Customs, London, 2012 2014
  • University of Oxford, MSc by Research, "Automatic simplification of differential equation models by a posteriori analysis", Department of Computer Science, 2009 2012
  • University of Cambridge, MPhil, Computational Biology, 2008-2009
  • Durham University, BSc, Mathematics, 2005-2008