FMRI study on emotion in the brain


am i eligible?

We are currently recruiting adults aged 40-45 or older than 60 years, male or female.


1) You are afraid of tight spaces (i.e. claustrophobic)
2) You have any metal in your body (such as a pacemaker, staples from surgery, shrapnel)
3) You have ever had a seizure or neurological problem (such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS)
4) You are, or may be, pregnant.

Please read the information below carefully before signing up for this experiment

our current study

People react very differently to emotional situations, and the ability to regulate our emotions also varies greatly.  Our current study aims to look at which areas of the brain are related to these processes.  We would like to recruit males and females from 25 to 75 years of age.  If you would like to participate in this study, please read the information below which gives details of the study,what it would be like to take part, and how to sign-up.

What the experiment entails:

The testing will take about three hours in total divided into  to two separate sessions, each taking about an hour and a half in which we will:

Session 1:

Take you through some screening questionnaires, to make sure you meet the health and safety requirements for the MRI scanner

Complete a consent form

Take you through a power point presentation describing  the scanner environment and the tasks we will be asking you to perform

Complete a series of short cognitive tasks

Complete some brief mood and emotion questionnaires

Session 2:

Complete a short practice session of the tasks you will perform in the brain scanner

In the scanner we will show you pictures with an emotional content, which can be neutral (pictures of household objects or neutral faces) or negative (e.g. pictures of accidents, injured or mutilated bodies).   Each of the pictures will be  will be accompanied by a description.  You will be asked to rate the extent to which you find the picture negative, neutral by pressing a button. 

You should be aware that to some people the negative pictures may be upsetting

During the scanning session we will also measure your body responses to the pictures, by measuring your heart rate and skin conductance responses to the pictures.

All data is kept confidential, and you cannot be identified in anything we may publish.

how to sign up

Email Liz Martin at and one of our researchers will then contact you within a few days.  Or call 0118 378 5557 to speak to a researcher directly.

We will answer any questions you may have, and go through the initial screening form, either over the phone or in person, to check your eligibility. 

If both parties are happy to proceed, we will book your sessions for mutually convenient times.

frequently asked questions



we are currently still recruiting a few adults and older-aged volunteers for a new study