Interested in becoming a member?


To obtain research experience:

If you are already enrolled at the University of Reading and you are looking to gain more research experience, either as part of your studies or as a volunteer, feel free to contact us for further information. Please realise that it takes a bit of time and dedication to learn about the brain, so ideally you would be available to work in our lab for a longer period of time. Shorter-term placements are possible, but we would have to mentor you on studies acquiring behavioural measures exclusively.

To do your postgraduate research in our lab:

Please contact us if you are interested in commencing MSc or PhD studies in our lab. Potential research projects span the range of research conducted in the lab. Students should have:

    * an interest in neural and physiological basis of cognition and emotion

    * a willingness to learn about signal processing for psychophysiology or brain imaging

    * some background in neuroscience or biology

    * some background in maths or the physical sciences

    * some background in psychology

Competence with computers is essential, and programming or scripting experience would be of great benefit, but is not necessary.

If you have any questions regarding potential study in our lab, please email Dr Tom Johnstone or Dr Carien van Reekum.

If you are a motivated and independent person, who has experience with computing and is not afraid to learn about brain imaging and signal processing associated with the type of measures we take, we may well be the lab for you.


Even when you are enrolled as a postgraduate student elsewhere, you may be interested in spending some time in our lab to gain international experience and fine tune your skills. We encourage students to enrich their learning experience by spending time abroad, so feel free to contact us. Note that there are also a variety of ways to obtain funding for a shorter or longer visit.

Please email us if you are interested in a list of suitable funding schemes.

paid positions:

None for the moment. Please stay tuned.