Brain Emotion and Cognition Laboratory


At the Brain, Emotion and Cognition Laboratory (BECLAB), we seek to understand the neural circuits that support cognition and emotion in healthy individuals - across the lifespan - and in individuals with mood disorders. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, involving input from the neurosciences, psychology and psychiatry, as well as more basic sciences such as molecular biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Our primary research techniques are human brain imaging using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalography (EEG), combined with behavioural and psychophysiological measures. Planned projects will also make use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).



Posted Jan ’12: Carien van Reekum obtained a BBSRC grant to study emotion regulation and wellbeing as we age. As part of this project, we aim to integrate structural and functional brain imaging. See the press release here.

Posted Jan ‘12: Those interested in participating in MRI or any other brain studies, please contact Dr. Kelly Sloan from the CINN. Those aged over 55 and interested in becoming a member of the Older Adult Research Panel, please click here

Posted April ‘10: Ageing brains: Interested in participating in our study on “individual differences in brain responses to emotional pictures”? We have a couple more slots available for participants aged around 40-45 years and aged > 60 years. For more information, click here.


research highlights

  1.   Top-down regulation of emotion

  2. in healthy individuals

  3. in depression

  4. across the lifespan

  5.   Perception of vocal and facial emotion

  6.   Imaging methods

  7. non-linear parametrizing of BOLD responses

  8. eye-gaze fixation analysis

  9. pupil dilation

  10.   Psychophysiology of emotion