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I am a principal research fellow in the UK National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)-Climate, based in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. Before I rejoined NCAS-Climate in 2005 I had worked as a research scientist in the Hadley Centre of Met Office.

Main research interests

  • Coupled ocean atmosphere interaction

  • Atlantic ocean variability and its impact on global climate

  • The impact of aerosol on regional and global climate

  • Asian monsoon variability and predictability

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  • Professional Activities

  • UK-China workshop on Climate Variability and Change for China, 28 -30 July 2008

  • EU ENSEMBLES Project

  • EU DYNAMITE Project

  • ENSEMBLES RT4 sensitivity experiments

  • Climate of the Twentieth Century (C20C)


  • Meteorological Journals

  • Involvement in HadGEM1

  • How to set up regionaly coupled HadCM3 run

  • Current Climate Ensemble

  • Tropical Climate


  • Paleclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project

  • simulations with HadAM3

  • simulations with HadCM3

  • Data for Duan

  • Data for Liu

  • Data for Chen Wei

  • Figures for Robin

  • storm track data for Raqeul

  • ncep 20c reanalysis for Xiaoxuan

  • Data for Riyu

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  • Address
    Dr. Buwen Dong
    Department of Meteorology
    University of Reading
    Reading, RG6 6BB
    U. K.
    Tel: +44 (0)118 3786408
    Fax: +44 (0)118 3788316
    Email: B.Dong@reading.ac.uk
    Office: room 124, Harry Pitt Building

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