It Bites
1 part prog to two parts pop, It Bites are best remembered by most people for "Calling All the Heroes", and by me for the Once Around The World album and for being one of the most fun live bands I ever saw.

"When music appears that only King Crimson can play, then sooner or later, King Crimson appears to play the music."

A little known UK band from 1991 fronted by Doris Brendel (daughter of Alfred Brendel), they released one hauntingly beautiful album, The Fire Sermon, then broke up. For the longest time the album was impossible to find, but it was rereleased in 2009 and is available from

They've been around for over two decades. They've gone from making jangly, punk-esque minimalist pop to making lushly orchestrated art in pop clothing. They've released fourteen albums (including two as The Dukes Of Stratosphear, a lovingly cheesy pastiche of 60s psychedelia.) And most people who've even heard of them probably think they broke up in 1982. Find out more on the Chalkhills website.

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