Tiffany B. Taylor


I am an experimental evolutionary biologist. Experimental evolution uses replicate populations of organisms with fast generation times (typically microorganisms) to study the evolutionary processes in real time. The experimenter controls the environmental conditions under which evolution occurs, and monitors the effect specific selective pressures have on traits of interest. One major benefit of this system is that evolved and ancestral lines, or multiple evolved lines, can be competed against each other to measure fitness under controlled ecological conditions, and the accumulation of mutations can be followed in a rigorously defined time-directional manner over numerous generations. Seminal experimental evolution studies have fundamentally changed our understanding of evolution in terms of diversification, adaptation, social evolution, evolutionary trade-offs and constraints, and more besides.

Currently I am using experimental evolution to understand the genome-wide consequences of a genetic code changes and cancer evolution:

  1. 1.Using the model organism E. coli, I am using techniques from experimental evolution to observe the consequences of a genetic code change and quantify costs and compensatory mutations with such changes.

  1. 2. I am working to apply experimental evolution techniques to cancer cell populations in order to understand the evolution and epidemiology of tumour biology with a specific focus on the evolution of metastasis  - this approach is novel in the field of cancer biology.

Current Side Projects: “Rapid, repeatable rewiring of a gene regulatory network in Pseudomonas fluorescens”, rescue of the master flagellar control gene via co-option of the homologous gene, NtrC

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

University of Reading

4th Floor Lyle Building




Tel: 0118 3785049


Main Supervisor: Louise Johnson

Co-supervisors: Rob Jackson and Mike Brockhurst

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And my new project in collaboration with DS Wilson and Robert Kadar Great Adaptations