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Quality Data for Good Research

A one-day course for research students in Sciences and Life Sciences

This course gives emphasis to the needs of high quality reliable data so as to give credibility to research findings as required by many of the University's sponsors of research. It will show you the steps needed to demonstrate your care and attention to data collection and management, which, together with appropriate documentation about your data, will give later users of your research the confidence that your research has been based on data of the highest quality.

The course includes hands-on practical work to develop your skills in data manipulation and summary methods that will identify potential problems with your data, and ways in which your data can be explored in simple ways to highlight its main features and findings.

The focus of the course will be on preparing the data to minimise potential errors, examining the data to ensure its reliability and validity while at the same time acquiring an indication of key messages contained in the data and the importance of data archiving.


There are four datasets used in the practical sessions on the course - these files can be downloaded below:

Example answers for Practical 2 can also be downloaded from the following link: Example answers for Practical 2.xlsx.

The Excel Add-In, SSC-Stat, used in some of the practical sessions, can be downloaded from our website at

CS-Pro Demonstrations

CSPro (Census and Survey Processing System) is a public-domain software package for entering, editing, tabulating and mapping census and survey data. It is can be downloaded from the US Census Bureau website at

The Statistical Services Centre has produced a series of video demonstrations taking the user through the entire process of setting up the data entry system and entering data using CS-Pro. We start with an explanation of the questionnaire which is used throughout the demonstrations and finish by exporting data ready for analysis in a statistics package.

The English versions of these demonstrations are all available on our YouTube channel at
Note: these videos are best viewed with a relatively high screen resolution

1. Explaining the Questionnaire 01. Un Exemple de questionnaire avec CSPro
2. Creating the Data Dictionary in CSPro 02. Création du dictionnaire de données dans le CSPro
3. Creating Value Sets for Labels and Ranges 03. Création de séries de données de qualité pour les étiquettes et les champs de saisie
4. Setting Missing Value Codes 04. Définir les codes des valeurs manquantes
5. Forms for Data Entry 05. Formulaires pour la saisie des données
6. Data Entry Forms continued 06. Suite sur les formulaires de saisie de données
7. Formatting the roster 07. Formatage des partis du formulaire
8. Testing the System 08. Tester le système
9. Adding Skips and Checks 09. Insertion des syntaxes de sauts et de contrôles dans le programme de saisie
10. Double-Data Entry (Compare Data Tool) 10. Double saisie de données (outil de comparaison de données)
11. Backing up the system 11. Sauvegarde du système
12. Concatenate Data Files 12. Fusion des fichiers de données
13. Frequency Tables 13. Tableaux de fréquences
14. Exporting Data for Analysis 14. Exportation de données
17. CSPro Files  
18. Data Entry in CSPro  
19. Editing data in CSPro