Reptate was developed as a part of the Microscale Polymer Processing (muPP2) project funded by the EPSRC. Part of the code was developed by the authors and many collaborators at the University of Leeds, and some improvements, debugging and more advanced features were added to the code at the University of Reading.

The main idea of Reptate is to create a platform which makes comparing theory and experiment much easier than ever before. In particular, we wanted a powerful and user-frendly software which

Reptate is the result of a joint collaboration among many members of the muPP2 project. The main authors of the software are Jorge Ramirez and Alexei Likhtman. The particular theories and modules were developed by

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions and suggestions made by many muPP2 colleagues, in particular, Tom McLeish, Choon Chai, Ian Robinson, Suneel Kunamaneni and Dietmar Auhl.

New collaborations are always welcome - for example you are welcome to come to Reading and implement a new theory or module. Contributions leading to improved help, documentation or tutorials are especially welcome.