The Haptic Torch is a device designed to significantly improve navigational abilities for people with varying levels of visual impairment.

The unique design of the torch allows users to range from sighted individuals in low-light conditions to people who are both deaf and blind.

The torch provides a method of alerting users to presence of potentiol hazards using non-contact measurement techniques. An subtle tactile (touch) interface conveys relevent information to the user while not interfering with other senses. Designed to be intuitive, familirization with the device takes less than a minute.

By providing constantly updating analogue range information the user can determine the distance to an object and any changes in object position. This permits easy navigation of doorframes, optimum path identification between obstacles, location of objects in open spaces and most importantly the ability to plan a path over 3meters prior to reaching a hazard. The result are graceful movements taken mid-stride with the large reliable aura of perception increasing confidence and speed in the user.