Haptics, telerobotics, extenders and levers

The deconstructed lever

passive mechanical telemanipulation (No such thing as a free lunch)

Neater Eater Laproscopic surgery Notes (transvaginal radical sigmoidectomy) Notes (cholecystectomy)

Exoskeletons and extenders

U. Berkley exoskeleton Sarcos Exoskeleton

Telemanipulators (Collaborative working, autonomous robotics etc)

Shown here are a force control with position feedback, and position control with force feedback. The assumption is that the current into the motor is directly related to the torque applied to the lever.

da Vinci (Intuitive surgical) Quanser telemanipulator Quanser on Digital journal Quanser surgery on a banana Quanser telepenmanship da Vinci Robot assisted prostatectomy Shands Robot prostatectomy Russell Taylor's labs (jhu)


Hapkit by Pete Bennett Haptic blocks Virtual wine Rocket ship maze Basket ball Large reach haptics (Stoat)

Robot command

Chance Spalding Pittsburg Brain control (Emery?)