Braitenberg vehicle and 'Preditor/Prey' simulator

The source and executables are for a simple simulation of a family of robots that include Braitenberg Vehicles, *Machina Speculatrix* (*M. Speculatrix*), and simple predator-prey behaviours. It is based on simple perception and action, that is eyes, a brain and actuators in a world of different coloured lights. Some lights are fixed in the world, and some are attached to the robots. Mostly the robots are represented as having two actuators, one per wheel, so that if they are both driven forward the robot goes straight ahead, if one actuator is driven forward, and the other in reverse then the robot spins on the spot. *M. Speculatrix* drives more like a car but with a steering wheel that can turn continuously.

You are welcome to modify and use this code for non-commercial purposes providing you credit the origin (a web address is sufficient eg ). If you make any clever changes and are happy for these to be published on the web please let me know so that I can update the program.

William Harwin, Copyright 2002-2015,

Source code

This program uses opengl and the glut libraries. You will need to install glut or freeglut. Most computers have opengl by default.

Running under Linux

You will need the to compile from the source files please see the instructions in neuronbrains.pdf within the source bundle.

Running under Windows

Compiled executables are available at