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Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures

New Materials for the Twenty-First Century

by Peter J F Harris

(Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, UK)

296pp Hardback ... ISBN: 0521554462. Price: £50-00/$80-00

Paperback ............. ISBN: 0521005337. Price: £29.95/$39.95

Published by Cambridge University Press

Also published in China by Beijing World Publishing

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The new book by Peter Harris reviews the properties of carbon nanotubes and clarifies their promise as revolutionary new materials for the twenty-first century. Harris has written a most readable and useful book, which contains a wealth of up-to-date information for specialists and non-specialists. The book highlights the main challenges that have to be overcome if carbon-based nanotube technology is to fulfil the exciting, indeed revolutionary, promise that the already-known properties forecast........ Harry Kroto and Humberto Terrones Times Higher Educational Supplement, 28 January 2000

The author does an admirable job in collaring the wide ranging literature and provides an excellent bibliography at the end of each chapter. Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures .... should prove to be an appropriate and useful text for all of those scientists working in this multidisciplinary area........ Paul R Birkett Chemistry in Britain, March 2000

"Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures" constitutes a timely, complete and updated compilation of knowledge in the field. Although Peter Harris addresses his book to connoisseurs in the fields of carbon, chemical-physics and materials science, he also provides an excellent guide to non-specialists willing to uncover secrets associated with novel carbon structures........ Mauricio Terrones Carbon, April 2000

…. a nice book, written for a broader educated public. The book is very comprehensive, with a sufficient number of diagrams and pictures and a rich list or references at the end of each chapter. I found Harris's presentation clear, well balanced, and giving a fair presentation of the various theories and contributions......... Wolfgang Krätschmer Chemical Intelligencer, July 2000

Review of the paperback edition

This is a reprint of the highly readable monograph originally published in 1999…….The greatest virtue of the paperback edition is its affordability. Hopefully now it will be more widely read and more widely cited. As of 01/02 (webofscience.com), it has some 35 citations, much less than other important papers or monographs on nanotubes and thus far less than it deserves......................Ljubisa R. Radovic Carbon, 2002

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