Carbon Nanotube Science: Synthesis, properties and applications

by Peter Harris

(Electron Microscopy Lab, University of Reading, UK)

Based on the earlier Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures, but fully updated, this new book covers all major aspects of the science and technology of carbon nanotubes. Click here for further details, including contents list.


You will hardly find a more comprehensive reference on the science of carbon nanotubes. Personally, I would recommend this book to chemical physicists and physical chemists, and to those broadly interested in nanoscience. ........ Dirk Guldi Chemistry World, July 2009

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the new book...........With its extensive coverage of nanotube synthesis, structure, properties and applications, this book will appeal to students and researchers in engineering and sciences. ........ Yury Gogotsi, Carbon, December 2009

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Some Amazon reviews:

"This is a very good and recent review of carbon nanotube technology. It is not overly technical but is advanced enough to get good information out of, and contains a lot of references for someone interested. ★★★★"

"Excellent reference text. ★★★★"

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