Call for STSM proposals



The purpose of a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) is to support individual mobility and to strengthen the existing networks and foster collaborations by allowing scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another Participating COST Country. They are particularly intended for young scientists, however there is no restriction on who can apply. The list of COST countries currently participating in FP1305 can be found here. Any individual or institution within a participating COST country can be party to an STSM.




The Applicant would normally be engaged in a programme of research as a post graduate student or postdoctoral fellow or be employed by or officially affiliated to an institution in a participating COST country which has accepted the MoU of FP1305. This institution is considered the Home institution. Similarly, the Host institution where the applicant aims to visit must reside in a participating COST country. Home or Host institutions may be public or private entities. The Applicant is responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution before submitting his/her application.


There are the following two types of STSM:


a)    Regular STSM – duration 5-90 days, reimbursement rate per day €160, travel expenses max €500, maximum grant contribution to single STSM  €2500.

b)    ESR STSM – duration of 91-180 days, reimbursement rate per day €160, travel expenses max €500, maximum grant contribution to single STSM  €3500.


Due to the time constraint within this financial year, this call is for REGULAR STSMs only. We will issue a call for ESR STSM (and Near Neighbour and Reciprocal STSMs) in the next financial year to start May 2015.


Important dates:


This call will remain open until 31st November 2014


The STSM committee will assess the applications by 10th December 2014 and notify the applicants shortly thereafter


All STSMs approved in this call must be completed by 17th April 2015 and final report must be submitted by 24th April 2015.




Application process:

The Applicant must apply through the on-line registration tool by 31st November 2014. 

Step 1 – Formal STSM application and annexes

After encoding the information and pressing the “submit” button the on-line registration tool will issue a formal STSM application which has to be downloaded and sent by the applicant to , together with:

Step 2 – Assessment of the STSM

The STSM committee will assess all received applications by 10th December 2014 and recommend proposals for approval by the MC Chair.

Step 3 – Cost Office Acceptance Letter (Grant Letter)

The Grant Holder will send an acceptance letter to the Applicant, in which s/he is informed about:
a) the approval of the STSM and;
b) the level of the financial grant given.
The Applicant will then return a signed copy of this acceptance letter to indicate acceptance.

Step 4 - After the STSM

After completion of the STSM the grantee is required to submit to the host institution and MC Chair a scientific report on the visit by 24th April 2015[1].

The report will contain the following information:

• Purpose of the STSM;
• Description of the work carried out during the STSM;
• Description of the main results obtained;
• Future collaboration with host institution (if applicable);
• Foreseen publications/articles resulting or to result from the STSM (if applicable);
• Confirmation by the host institution of the successful execution of the STSM;
• Other comments (if any).

The MC Chair is responsible for approving the final report and sending the notice of completion of the STSM to the Grant Holder, with the confirmation that the STSM has been successfully accomplished and that the grant can be paid.

Publications resulting from STSM activities should acknowledge COST FP1305 support.

The COST Vademecum which details all rules governing STSMs can be found here.


[1] Note: as per COST rules, the time period for submitting the final report is 30 days after the completion of the STSM. As the first grant period of FP1305 ends on 13th May 2015, the report must be submitted by the indicated date otherwise the Grant Holder will not be able to process the payment.