Dr. Jochen Bröcker

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University of Reading

PO Box 220
Reading, RG6 6AX, UK
Room: 219 JJThompson Building
Tel: +44 378 8578


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Who am I

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About me

Since September 2012: Lecturer with the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Reading

May 2012 to August 2012: Paternity leave

Spring 2007 to spring 2012: Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden

Fall 2003 to spring 2007: Centre For The Analysis Of Time Series, London School of Economics. Mainly occupied with the DIME project. Objectives: to determine and enhance the economic value of wheather forecasts.

Summer 2003: Department of Electrical Engineering, Univeristy of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland.

PhD from University of Göttingen in April 2003. Supported by the Graduiertenkolleg "Strömungsinstabilitäten und Turbulenz", Supervisor: Ulrich Parlitz.

Apart from the natural sciences, my list of interests are currently topped by calligraphy, history, model airplanes, photography, and dinghy sailing

Research Interests

My present research interest is at the interface of practical application, theoretical development and industrial exploitation of the analysis of dynamic systems. Currently I am particularly focussed on data assimilation, nonlinear filtering, and the evaluation of probabilistic forecasts. Further, I am interested in foundational issues in the theory of predictability and the communication of uncertainty to end users. I have just recently started working on random dynamical systems, and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics.

  • Data Assimilation
  • Applied Nonlinear Filtering
  • Statistical Learning
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Calibration, Skill Scores and Reliability
  • Economical Applications of Forecasts
  • Ensemble Forecasts
  • Random Dynamical Systems
  • Fluctuation Theorems In Fluid Dynamics
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