Born 18 June 1963 in Moscow



1980-1986 Undergraduate course [=BSc + MSc] at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Applied Mathematics

1989 Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) [=Ph.D.]. Degree awarded by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Thesis Vibrations of a thin elastic shell filled with a viscous compressible fluid (asymptotic analysis). Supervisors: V Lidskii, D Vassiliev.



2010- Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Reading, Professor of Applied Mathematics

2007-2010 Cardiff School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, and WIMCS, Professor of Analysis

1993-2007 Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University, postdoc, lecturer, reader; from 2006 also at Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences

1992-1993 University of Sussex, visiting researcher

1986-1992 Vniimontazhspetsstroi, Moscow, researcher; Institute for Problems in Mechanics, USSR Academy of Sciences, researcher (part-time)



2009-2012 £315,381 (PI) from the EPSRC for the Nodal domains for discrete Laplacians on graphs: morphology, percolation and isospectrality.

2009-2012 £127,172 (PI) from the EPSRC for the Matrix and Operator Pencils Network.

2006-2010 £146,576 (PI, Cardiff part) and £101,510 (CI, University College London part) from the EPSRC for the project Mathematical Analysis of Continental Shelf Waves on a Curved Coast.

2007 Part of the Maxwell's Institute Science and Innovation Award bid to create the Centre for Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, circa £3,000,000.

2005-2008 £102,000 from the Leverhulme Trust for the project Spectral pollution (PI).

2005-2007 £12,000 from the Royal Society for the project Spectral Problems of Mathematical Physics - collaboration with two Chilean Universities (PI).

1999-2002 £108,000 from the EPSRC for the project Non-classical spectral problems and their applications in mechanics (PI).

1997-... Numerous small (up to £10,000) grants from the Nuffield Foundation, the London and Edinburgh Mathematical Societies, the Royal Society, the EPSRC (via the Spectral Theory Network), including computer equipment grants, travel grants, visiting Fellowships, and the Nuffield Foundation research bursary for an undergraduate summer project.