There are a healthy number of WWW page dealing specifically with the issue of value management. These links are checked and updated on a monthly basis. If you know of a new site or come across an outdated link, please let us know.
Value Management - A Quick Guide. 
This booklet has been produced by the Department of Trade and Industry (Central Governement department) as a guide for senior managers to Value Management. It describes the approach and how you might develop it within your organisation. The benefits of Value Management are illustrated by a number of case studies showing how it has been applied by a range of organisations throughout the UK. A list of sources has been provided for further information and advice, and explains how organisations adopt and apply Value Management. Case studies illustrate the benefits to organisations throughout the UK. 
Value Management in the Construction Industry, Building Research Establishment
An attractive site recently launched by the BRE and funded by the DETR. It contains a simple introduction to VM which would certainly be useful to the complete beginner. The site also includes a self-entry database of VM contacts, although the criteria by which the entries are assessed are unclear. A further feature is the bibliography which, despite some recent improvements, still contains numerous mistakes and inconsistencies. The site is admittedly still under construction, so hopefully BRE will use DETR's generous funding to ensure that all remaining mistakes are rectified.
WYSYWIG Managing Standards 
The site consists of an article which provides guidance and proposes a common solution of "what-is" required to 'Manage and Control large and complex technical systems' from their concept to de-commissioning. This article provides direction and guidance of how these aims can be realized and it is hoped that the philosophies, concepts, and principles contained will assist those responsible for projects meet their commitments effectively, efficiently, and economically. An extremely detailed piece of work but a little confusing to find your way around. This link provides direct access to an overview of the Value Engineering Program Plan
Value Management Group, The University of Leeds. 
The site provides details of the group's research activities in value management and includes abstracts from their publications. Of particular interest is the recent EPSRC funded research project on the International Benchmarking of Value Management, conducted jointly with Heriot-Watt University. Steven Male and John Kelly have made a significant contribution to the development of value management in the UK.
Design Procedures in Engineering
The Department of Engineering, Staffordshire University explaining how value engineering can be used during the design phase of a product's life-span.
Value Engineering, Analysis and Management Academic Community (VEAMAC)
An excellent initiative launched by Oxford Brookes University to propagate international debate on value management. The group is primarily intended for academics, although practitioners are also welcome to subscribe. The site also includes an extensive value management bibliography. Well done Roy Woodhead!
SAVE International 
Previously the Society of American Value Engineers, now SAVE International. The longest established association for value engineers.
ValuLink - The Value Community's Home Page 
An American page advocating the virtues of value engineering as a means of cost reduction. Provides examples of projects where value engineering has been implemented. 
Systematic Analytic Methods and Innovations
An American firm providing business consulting and training using the Value Method and Facilitation services as its basic element. Although the policy of VMRG is not to provide links to commercial companies we make an exception in this case. The purpose of the site is to help educate people about the benefits of the Value Method (Value Engineering, Value management, Value Analysis). The links page is especially extensive.
Defense Supply Center Columbus, Value Management Unit (DSCC-VE)
The Unit, a part of the DSCC Operations Support Group, provides a wide range of engineering and technical support functions. The Value Management Unit's diverse and innovative work force is dedicated to technical specialties such as Value Engineering, Spare Parts Breakout, Should Cost or Price Analysis, the Generalized Emulation of Microcircuits, Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and On Demand Manufacturing Programs. 
Value Engineering at McGill University
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University has operated a workshop in Value Engineering for the past 22 years. The course involves company representatives sitting together with senior Mechanical Engineering students to solve their common problem: a real-life project selected by the company. At the end of the workshop session, each company has one or more specific solutions available which will improve the value of the subject of the study, be it a process, product, or service. The results are presented to company management both at a group session and in the form of a bound report.
Lawrence D. Miles Value Foundation
A non-profit public foundation allegedly dedicated to the advancement of state-of-the-art value methodology through planning, research and education. The site includes a biography of Lawrence Miles together with a list of pithy quotes, for anyone who might be interested.
The American Government's Bureau of Reclamation
The site provides an overview of the Bureau's value program, which is used to comply with Public law 104 - 106. Clear explanations are provided of how a value program should be implemented in an organisation. 
The NASA Value Engineering Homepage
Considers value engineering from the perspective of competitive advantage and argues that it should be moved upstream during design development. Value engineering is seen to be essentially a process which uses function cost analysis to reduce cost. The approach described is therefore classic 'hard' paradigm with little appreciation of 'soft' value management. Nevertheless, the site includes useful information on techniques such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and several helpful bibliographies.
The United States Army Corp of Engineers 
The page gives details of how the Corps of Engineers uses value engineering in its procurement process. Extracts are provided of the legislation controlling the use of value engineering by the Corp. 
Department of Public Works and Services, New South Wales. 
Value Management is concerned with assisting Government to gain the best value for money in the development, procurement and management of public infrastructure. It is a structured, systematic and analytical process designed to ensure that all necessary functions are provided at the lowest total cost whilst maintaining required levels of quality and performance. Its purpose is to ensure value for money. 
Value Engineering and Simplification Analysis. 
This page contains lecture notes written by Chris Croft, a lecturer at The University of Western Australia. The lecture notes are primarily intended for students studying "Engineering Operations Management" at the University. 
Australian Centre for Value Management
Long-established centre of expertise in Australia offering training in facilitation skills and consultancy. Based at the University of Canberra. The site offers a useful overview of value management methodology.
Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) 
Founded in 1993, the CSVA is a non-profit organization which promotes value engineering as a means of improving companies' competitiveness. The site is available in French or English versions. 
Plaveco Gérance Ltée
A consulting engineering firm offering specialized services in project management, construction management, planning, estimates, cost control and value analysis (value engineering). The firm is a founder member of the Canadian Society of Value Analysis. The site is available in French or English versions.
Home page of Hong Kong Institute of Value Management
run by Dr. Geoffrey Shen of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 
FWC AB and Associates
The company work with major Swedish and non-Swedish multinational corporations and universities within Value Based Management. Among FWC AB's close customers are some of the major corporations in Sweden and abroad. 
Society of Japanese Value Engineering
Provides information in both English and Japanese, including statistics of membership and current activities. Focus of activity seems to lie with technical value engineering rather than strategic value management.

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