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The Value Management Research Group (VMRG) is headed up by Dr Stuart Green with the aim of developing the theoretical basis of value management and providing practical guidance to the construction industry. Activities include research, publications, training and consultancy. Consultancy services include not only the facilitation of individual workshops, but also the design and implementation of value management systems. Past clients for training and consultancy include many 'blue-chip' companies within the UK construction industry. Courses for industry have also been provided in several overseas countries.

The guiding framework for the work of VMRG is provided by the concept of group decision support (GDS). The approach represents a decisive break with the tradition of value engineering by rejecting both the optimising paradigm of 'hard OR' together with the associated rhetoric of function analysis. Value management is seen to be concerned with achieving a shared understanding of what value means within a particular context. There is no pretence at finding an optimal answer, and value is seen to be entirely dependent upon perception. The purpose of value management is to ensure that the project stakeholders possess a common perception of the design problem and to synthesise a consensus regarding the comparative merits of alternative courses of action.

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