Imagine a world free of disease and crime, where one lives practically forever. Further imagine a world where robots automatically take care of everybody's needs. Money has been abolished. What would you do with your long life? Would you be a thrill-seeker, a spiritual person, a knowledge seeker, an athlete, an artist, a public servant, one who continually reinvents one's self, or would you take some other avocation?

As of January 2, 2006, this website has existed for 6 years.
As part of the 6-year anniversary, I am changing the question slightly, by adding one more condition,
as suggested by one respondent to the original question:
"You still have a very long life, but some irrecoverable accident could come your way at any time, and end your long life prematurely."

Send me an email detailing your hypothetical life's passion and your present life's vocations & hobbies:
I will not use your name unless prior permission is granted, but I may (depending on the response) use your passion for statistical purposes and/or for posting anonymously on this website. Neither this idea nor this website express the views of the University of Reading.
Copyright January 2, 2000, Patrick Charles McGuire.

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