HRSC semi-global mosaics of Mars

I constructed a semi-global mosaic of HRSC nadir-channel images of Mars, working together with Sebastian Walter, Stephan van Gasselt, and others. See:
McGuire, Walter, van Gasselt, Dumke, Dunker, Gross, Michael, Wendt, Audouard, Ody, and Poulet; Eighth International Mars Conference, 2014
This version of the additional OMEGA mosaic is described by Anouck Ody, Francois Poulet, and their collaborators, in:
Ody, Poulet, Langevin. Bibring, Bellucci, Altieri, Gondet, Vincendon, Carter, Manaud, Journal of Geophysical Research, 2012
I also worked with Greg Michael, Sebastian Walter, Stephan van Gasselt and others from the HRSC team, together with Joachim Audouard and others from the OMEGA team to produce a color version of this semi-global HRSC+OMEGA mosaic as well as a much-higher-spatial-resolution color mosaic at a regional scale.

A new and better version of an HRSC mosaic (using TES as a reference) has been presented at the LPSC in 2015 by our team. See:
"Systematic Processing of Mars Express HRSC Image Mosaic Quadrangles", Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 2015

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