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Reading Agility Club started in June 1995 in order to meet a need for Agility training in the Reading area.  The club meets on a Monday evening from 7 - 10 pm in The Dukes Hall at Wellington Riding, Heckfield, Hants, which is located to the South of Reading.

The club is run by five instructors, two of which are Agility Club Approved.

Classes are organized depending on the ability of the dogs.  New dogs usually go onto the introduction course.  This is six weeks in duration and provides a general introduction for the dog and handler to dog agility.

Your dog will be assessed before being accepted for training as a basic level of obedience and control are required.  Every dog should know how to sit and down on command and return to its owner when called.  If your dog understands a wait command and will also retrieve an article this is an added bonus.

As the training is specifically agility training we are unfortunately unable to accept dogs with behavioral problems that may interfere with the smooth running of the class. (We can help with referrals to obedience training or behaviorist counseling!).  This is important as apart from the early stages of training dogs will be taught off of the lead.   However we are not looking for perfection, if you are unsure of whether your dog will be acceptable come and talk to one of the instructors.


Dogs can be of any make or size but they must be a minimum of 12 months old and need to be fit and healthy.  The dogs have to run, jump and climb.  Although agility can help in keeping a dog fit it is unfair on the dog if it is overweight and under exercised beforehand or if the dog has suffered a major injury in the past.  If you are in doubt about your dogs’ fitness for agility training please consult your vet.

After the introduction class dogs move on to the Starter class and from here the dog can then progress to the Novice level providing that an acceptable level of training is reached.  Some of the handlers compete in Kennel Club Agility Competitions and help and advice is available to anyone wishing to compete.  For the less ambitious, the club gives demonstrations at local events during the Summer.  These can be great fun and a good day out.

Most dogs (and handlers!) enjoy agility.  It has the benefit of formal training in a happy atmosphere.  Many people go on to competition although they never entertained such thoughts when they started.





If you are interested in joining our club, please fill in an application form (see below) as soon as possible.  There is a waiting list for new members and new courses can only be started when we have enough room.

Contact us if you require further information.


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